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Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Respiratory Health

Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Respiratory Health

The respiratory system is responsible for inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide from our body, which is a fundamental process that helps in maintaining good health. When attacked by different diseases, our respiratory health can put us at risk. Are you taking care of your lungs, nose, and other organs that are part of your respiratory system? Learn more below.

  • Your walking speed matters.
    Do you walk too slow? Do you find it hard to catch your breath when you walk too fast? According to a study, your walking speed may predict how long you will live. If speeding up your walking pace is hard for you, this may be an indicator of an underlying medical issue. Need assistance in walking around? Skilled nursing can help you.
  • Hydration is key.
    Staying hydrated is the secret to maintaining a healthy weight and improving mucus lining consistency. Thins mucus lining helps your airways and lungs, allowing you to breathe normally and preventing you from being susceptible to common types of illnesses. A home health aide in Troy, Michigan, will help you maintain hydration by reminding you of your water intake as regularly as possible.
  • Say no to smoking.
    Smoking causes damage to your lungs and overall respiratory health. When left uncontrolled, it can lead to health complications, such as chronic lung disease, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer. Quit smoking before you jeopardize your respiratory health and maintain healthy habits with assistance from caregivers that provide personal care in Georgia.

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