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Physical Activity for Seniors During the Pandemic

Physical Activity for Seniors During the Pandemic

Older adults are among those who are at a higher risk of getting the COVID-19 virus as well as suffering the more severe symptoms of the infection. This is why your elderly loved ones must stay at home as much as possible. But what about their physical health?

Exercise is beneficial to senior health. So A New Well, Inc. offers some workout ideas that your senior can enjoy:

  • Chair yoga.
    There are a lot of follow-along yoga sessions available online. Pick the one you think is the best fit for your loved one and use that for their morning workouts. For additional safety, invest in Home Health Aide in Troy, Michigan.
  • Gardening.
    It may not be safe for your seniors to go out and about, but gardening in their back yard or front lawn is alright. Just make sure that they are wearing their masks outside. A sitter in Michigan can help keep an eye on your loved ones to ensure that they don’t injure themselves.
  • Cooking or baking.
    If your loved one has a passion for cooking, let them enjoy their kitchen as much as they want. If you’re worried about injuries, you have our aides to assist your seniors in their home needs.

Having a busy work schedule in the pandemic can’t be helped. So if you need help looking after your senior loved ones, give our Home Health Care Services in Peachtree City, Georgia a call.

For special care, you can choose our skilled nursing services. Whatever it is, we’ve got your back. Dial 800-341-0120 to learn more about your care options.

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