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Home Health Care for Individuals with IDD


Home health care is not only for older adults but also for anyone with chronic needs. With our home health care services in Peachtree City, Georgia, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) can also benefit from what we do at A New Well, Inc.

IDDs may affect a person’s ability to live on their own. As such, they might need appropriate support services to help them with various everyday routines. Also, home health care encompasses a wide array of programs designed for these people’s needs, including personalized care, skilled nursing, healthcare collaboration, and more.

Here are a few advantages of hiring a home health aide in Troy, Michigan, for those with IDDs and their families:

  • Peace of Mind
    Our home health care in Georgia shares our team’s compassion and extensive experience with every touch of care. With this, families can gain optimal peace of mind while letting our expert carers oversee their loved ones.
  • Social Engagement
    Traditionally, an institutional care setting is the norm for individuals with IDD. However, multiple alternative options have emerged recently, including in-home care, that promote community integration, family connection, and socialization.
  • Improved Quality of Life
    Above all, the ultimate goal of home health care is to uplift a person’s quality of living while staying within the comforts of home. Anyone can now lead fulfilling lives and achieve their maximum potential with the right care, support, and resources.

Indeed, the healthcare industry has come a long way when addressing the community’s diverse health needs. Today, adults and children with special needs can receive the care they deserve right at home with their families.

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